Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics

Course Overview

Whether its people suffering, goods needing to be delivered, reduced communications infrastructures, or major disruption of physical infrastructure, humanitarian organizations work by providing assistance to global crises as quickly and effectively as possible.

The objective of the Diploma in Humanitarian Logistics is to enhance the operational humanitarian logistics response capacity for logistics staff in field operations. The training will directly contribute to avoid the waste of resources through careful handling and storing of humanitarian cargo. In addition, participants will understand basic principles and procedures of procurement to minimize the risk of fraud or incorrect sourcing. It is based on a typical full supply chain cycle and follows the logical supply chain structure. The course starts from the concept of sourcing, with focus on procurement concepts and moves downwards in the chain until its end, by discussing the distribution process with a sector-neutral coverage. In order to go through this end-to-end overview, the content builds clear relations between logistics concepts and the operational context, adapting logistics to the trainees.

The program provides students with competencies.

  • Responding to emergency situations
  • Needs assessment/ situational analysis for the individual humanitarian situation
  • Principles of Logistics Management
  • Logistics planning for emergency supplies
  • Information and Communication protocols for emergency situations
  • Humanitarian partners, cooperation and management
  • Budgeting for logistics and reviewing goods availability against humanitarian needs of the operation 
  • Fleet Management
  • Storage, Warehousing and stock controls
  • Procurement and Contracts Management
  • Transport and Logistics Operations
  • Movement of people and supplies in emergency situations.
  • Risk management in the supply chain
  • Emerging and Global Trends in Humanitarian Logistics

There are four assignments (continuous assessment tests), a research paper and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 40%, research paper accounts for 30% while Examination accounts for 30% of the mark. Upon completion of the course, you shall be issued a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Diploma Certificate of Merit and a transcript.

Duration: 6 Months

Fee: $700


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