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Team Biographies

At Action Institute For Professional Studies, we take pride in offering you the best Online/ Distance learning training services at an affordable fee. Each of our employees brings years of experience in the industry and each looks forward to meeting and working with you personally to deliver the best services to fit your needs.

Fredrick Ratemo - Academics Director

Our Academics Director with over 10 years of experience in the field. He assumes other roles such as a Lead Trainer and a tutor. He is currently undertaking a PHD from JKUAT, Master’s Degree from UON, Pgd from JKUAT and a Degree from Moi University. He has worked with other large institutions and his vast experience has led to his many achievements.

Lucy Chege - The Administrator

Her long tenure in the Administration & Management field, combined with her track of effective leadership, allows her to provide guidance and direction to the clients of the institution.
She graduated from MKU and holds Degree in both Business Administration & Human Resources Management. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Leadership & Management. She has worked with other several big organizations and won several awards for extemporarily performance. Her passion and knowledge in the industry has led her to many successful achievements.

Elly Wafula - Head of IT Consultant

The lead of Design services and consultations, and personally oversees each project that our company takes on. He holds a Diploma in Software Programming and a Diploma in Web Design & Programming.
He not only develops and designs individual project plans but also can work with current client marketing departments to integrate graphics services. His connections in both local and nationwide media networks enable him to target market and advertising towards a custom audience according to client’s needs.

Makur Mabom - Sales & Marketing

A Business graduate of the sales and has had over a decade of experience in managing projects and creating effective advertising campaigns. He holds an MBA in Marketing from Assam Don Bosco University in India and previously worked for OXFAM GB. His database – based advertising feedback system provides real-time tracking of marketing effectiveness.

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