Certificate in Strategic Leadership and Management

Course Overview

Certificate in Strategic leadership and management focuses on analyzing and evaluating leadership behaviors. Students learn management and decision making skills to use in the workplace. The courses offer students a technical knowledge of organizations and their structures, cultures, environments, markets and processes. The courses also help students understand how they can use their abilities to contribute to their work and even continue developing their leadership skills.

The Diploma is designed to prepare leaders and managers to respond to the current trends of change management at personal, organizational, community and national levels. The programme is expected to add value to leaders and organization managers and trainers working with local communities, churches, faith-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, co-operatives as well as relevant government departments.

The training emphasizes various aspects of social and organizational transformation in attaining strategic leadership and management styles. This entails being sensitive to the social, economic, political and spiritual concerns of Africa and beyond.

Module One

  • Introduction to Strategic leadership and Management
  • The process of Strategic Leadership and Management
  • The role of a manager
  • The role of a leader

Module Two

  • Approaches to management
  • Managing strategically

Module Three

  • Managing for performance
  • Management skills

There are three assignments (continuous assessment tests) and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 70%, while Examination accounts for 30% of the mark. Upon completion of the course, you shall be issued with a Certificate and a course transcript.

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Certificate of Merit and a transcript.

Duration: 3 Months

Fee: $300


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