Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Course Overview

Countries around the world have recognized that having a skilled and competent workforce is critical to quickly prevent, detect and respond to public health challenges and threats.

Public health is concerned with the protection, preservation and promotion of the health of communities and populations. Public health professionals, therefore, need to be appropriately trained to respond to various community health problems. Through training and acquisition of relevant knowledge and skills in a multidisciplinary manner, public health professionals will understand how to identify and approach issues affecting populations, be able to develop appropriate strategies for resolving them and monitor their implementation.

Objectives of the Course

The specific objectives of the programme are:

  1. a) Promote competence in practice in addressing issues in public health, notably disease control.
  2. b) Impart necessary skills applicable to the public health profession for local and international careers as managers and policy developers.
  3. c) Enhance the development of skills in scientific research and writing that will enable the trainees to work together with biomedical teams
  4. d) Equip trainees with skills essential in planning, managing and evaluating various public health programmes.

Course Modules
• Introduction to Public Health
• Epistemology
• Social and Behavioral Foundations of Primary Health Care
• Environmental Health
• Public Health Practice
• Public Health and Emergency Preparedness
• Biomedical Basis of Public Health
• Environmental Issues in Public Health
• Water Sanitation and Hygiene
• Communication Skills in Public Health
• Computer Application in Public Health
• First Aid

Course Assignments

Participants will be required to submit 10 assignments, a research paper and one final examination for the period of 12 months to demonstrate their understanding of the course content. Assignments account for 60%, research paper accounts for 30% while Examination accounts for 10% of the marks.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Post Graduate Certificate of Merit and a transcript.

Certificate and Transcripts will be given after the successful completion of the course.

Organizers: Action Institute For Professional Studies

Course Duration: 52 weeks (12 months)

Target Region: Global

Language: English

FORMAT: Web-based and Distance Learning facilitated




Tel no: +254 727 616 783

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Enrolled: 21 students
Duration: 12 Months
Level: Intermediate
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