Diploma in Humanitarian Emergency and Disaster Management

Course Overview

Globally, Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters are on the increase, impacting communities and nations with grave social and economic consequences and threatening the survival, dignity and livelihoods of the vulnerable sections of their populations. Shifting socio-economic situations, unplanned urbanization, environmental degradation, climate variability and change, geological hazards, competition for scarce natural resources, and the threat of epidemics are factors that compound the impact of disasters. Disasters increasingly impact the global economy and the sustainable development of developing countries.

Course Units

Module 1

Unit 1: Emergency: Meaning and Types

Unit 2: Natural Disasters and Emergency Reconstruction

Unit 3: Emergency Management History

Unit4: Riot and Disturbance Control Prevention Procedures and Techniques

Unit 5: Causes of Prison Riots

Module 2

Unit 1: Psychosocial Consequences of Disaster

Unit 2: The Stages of Psychological Response to Disasters

Unit 3: Community and Social Impacts of Disasters

Unit 4: Assessing the Psychological Impact of Disasters

Unit 5: Principles of Psychosocial Intervention Following Disasters

Module 3

Unit 1: Social Capital Utilization and Preparedness for Natural Disasters

Unit 2: Understanding Crisis

Unit 3: Crisis Intervention Goals and Steps

Unit 4: Crisis Intervention Assessment

Unit 5: Crisis Intervention Treatment Approaches and Techniques

Module 4

Unit 1: The Role of Microfinance in Disaster Settings

Unit 2: Disaster Myths, Media Frames, and their Consequences: A Case Study of Hurricane Katrina

Unit 3: Domestic Threats and the Niger Delta Region Crisis

Unit 4: Hostage Taking and Negotiation

Unit 5: Youths Poverty and Unemployment


There are four assignments (continuous assessment tests), research paper and one examination to be offered at the end of the course. Assignments account for 40%, research paper accounts for 30% while Examination accounts for 30% of the mark. Upon completion of the course, you shall be issued with a Diploma Certificate and a course transcript.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a Diploma Certificate of Merit and a transcript.

Certificate and Transcripts will be sent after the successful completion of the course.

Organizers: Action Institute For Professional Studies

Course Duration: 6 months

Language: English

Target Audience: Global

Format: Online and Distance Learning 


Email: info@actionafricainstitute.org

Website: www.actionafricainstitute.org

Tel no: +254 727 616 783

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