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I joined Action Africa when I was an intern and I had noticed where I was working there was an opening and a gap in Monitoring and Evaluation. The organization was struggling in the appraisal of the project under execution at the same time being accountable to the Donor and the community who were the beneficiaries of the project.
I enrolled for a Post graduate Diploma in Water Sanitation and Hygiene and it was productive to me as it was hands on, on the issues that are faced in emergency situations and even developing countries. Since we do not have the luxury of attending to classes while attending to the communities, I was able to download the notes for this course and I would interact with the same from time to time when I was in the field away from network.
Onje Scopas, South Sudan
I was prompted to take a course in peace and development to be able to run a CBO to champion for peace within the warring communities in South Africa for development to be realized. When I first met an advert from the institution, I was satisfied with the modules they were offering for the course. On making an inquiry I found they were having some consultancy in Jubba and I met some of them by face and they really understood the teething issues in the country from a theoretical point of view.
Wonsuk Alex
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